Global Talents recognize the advantages of small community


Recently appointed Future Savo ambassadors met each other last week at Keskuskonttori restaurant. While enjoying the best Italian lasagne and tiramisu in town, the talents from countries such as China, Brazil, Italy and Germany, got the chance to hear Hanna-Kaisa Melaranta, the Director of Varkaus Museum, lecture on the area\\\'s rich cultural industrial heritage. The purpose was to inspire the ambassadors on what story they are communicating to their international peers about their life in Central Savonia.

All global talents pointed out the beautiful nature as one of the advantages of Central Savonia. Hua-Hua Qiu-Kuosmanen, originally Chinese Logistics and Supply Manager from Lumi Dental Oy, also highlighted the tranquillity and amount of free space in Savonia, compared to the lifestyle in Hong Kong. Qiu-Kuosmanen´s friends in Chinese social media are often amazed by her pictures, how in Finland you can so easily just go and swim in a lake for example. German ambassador Cristian Kundt highlighted as well that it is not always the big cities that hold the best option for an interesting work life.

The owner of the Keskuskonttori restaurant and one of the Future Savo ambassadors, Gianluca Calzavara, was especially very interested about the lecture, as Keskuskonttori as a building is one of the oldest in the Varkaus area. Calzavara pointed out that area´s interesting history could have a potential differential marketing benefit for Varkaus, if we could utilize it more in the future.

The purpose of the Future Savo programme is to recognize international talents living and working in our area and share their stories to their like-minded international peers on why Savonia would be a great place to study, work and live. If you want to know more or meet the ambassadors please contact Tuula Kokkonen:

Text: Lotta Impivaara

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